City of Mount Vernon, Ohio​​

Schlabach Builders,  Millersburg, Ohio​​

 David Glass, City Safety Service Director 
                Metes and Bounds surveys for Foundation Park
Cameron Keaton, City Engineer
                New lot split on Blackjack Road for public use
 James Schlabach    
            Mark boundary corners on several projects for new                       home construction
 James Schlabach    
            Stake out new subdivisions, in Knox County, Ohio

Villiage of Sparta, Ohio

Heart of Ohio Bike Trail

Heart of Ohio Bike Trail
         Cardno Entrix & Knox Co Park District
Earl Bennett   
               Annexation for land into the Village

Flint Ridge State Park

Through the years, Vance Surveying, has worked with numerous builders to lay out residential developments and performed boundary retracement, topographic surveys, flood elevation, lot splits and mortgage location surveys.